The Arts Collaborative is your home for the arts in the Alexandria Lakes Area

Individual arts organizations in the Alexandria Lakes Area attract patrons and customers to their own activities and products. The Arts Collaborative, through this virtual marketplace, seeks to enhance the ability of the arts to foster civic engagement, increase community pride, spur creativity among people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic status. We want to invite a diverse population of citizens to explore, appreciate, and participate in experiences that stimulate the imagination, convey emotional power, and deepen the sense of wonder and beauty. Arts organizations are also small businesses with experiences and products to promote to local residents and visitors alike.

bass players in orchestra
actors on stage

The Arts Collaborative wants visitors to learn that the Alexandria area has a vibrant arts community with a variety of offerings (experiences and products). The benefit of an “all-in-one” web presence for The Arts Collaborative is to promote the arts-as-a-whole as well as the various organizations involved in it.

Discover Your Local Arts Community

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